About AirCloud(Nanoshel Infratech INC)

Purchasing office from AirCloud means entrusting
your reputation to one of the best in this line.
Awesome Enviornment
AirCloud does its work with a customer in mind which is we ensured best working enviornment for your employees.
24X7 Support
AirCloud provides 24X7 support for any type of problem you face towards your office space.
Best Location
AirCloud keeps in mind the locality that can easily approched from anywhere.
Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are

Design & Interiors solutions to match your corporate cultured. When it comes to office leasing, the time and sensitivity involved in making the right choice is huge. With our holistic approach in exploring and choosing the best option for you, we leave no stone unturned to offer you a reliable choice. Our expertise and innovation driven approach in leasing office properties is loved buy our clients. We now offer leasing all types of business parks, multi tenant buildings, and any other office space. We understand your concerns while making the right choice and hence, our core focus is on reducing your risk and costs associated with leasing and office property. With our customised and reliable approach to office leasing, we keep in mind the commercial trends, sustainability and market analysis to provide you an office lease that goes with our business objectives.
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